By Katie Jo Whisenant
April 17, 2015

So your companya��s success is skyrocketing and your staff just grew from 2 to 10. That home office, local coffee shop or coworking space is no longer large enough to maximize your productivity and fit your growth plan. While youa��ve admitted ita��s time to find a a�?big-boy officea�?, there is no need to sacrifice the collaborative environment to which youa��ve grown accustomed.

Whether ita��s your lack of financials, fear of signing a personal guarantee, or the anticipation of hiring 50 new employees in Q3, we understand a long term lease commitment can be overwhelming. So we sought out Dallasa�� most creative and flexible landlords who are now catering to the start up community. Wea��ve assessed our startup clientelea��s needs directly and have found creative offices, collaborative communities and flexible terms all within your reach!

*A3 Companies (Design District)

Personal Guarantee a�� REQUIRED

Long Term Financials – NOT REQUIRED

Shortest Lease Term – 1 year

If what youa��re looking for is a cool loft in the Design District then check out A3a��s properties. This company has renovated multiple warehouses into some of the coolest lofts and live/work spaces in the area. They provide the wide open concept with high ceilings, natural lighting and concrete floors that everyone is currently craving. These offices come with some of the largest parking counts in the Design District and fiber for those high speed internet needs. Plus ita��s just steps away from the Trinity Trail.

*Good Signature Management (Downtown)

Personal Guarantee OR Long Term Financials

Shortest Lease Term a�� 1 year

A gem in this companya��s portfolio is The Hartford, located in Downtown Dallas. This boutique office building is the perfect fit for a growing startup and is already full of creative tenants. Here youa��ll find cool, inexpensive, and small spaces easily customized (conveniently by Good Signature Management which is also the general contractor) to fit your creative office needs. Even better, theya��re in close proximity to the DART and are home to a new local favoritea��Serj Books.

*Five Smooth Stones (West End)

Personal Guarantee – REQUIRED

Long Term Financials – NOT REQUIRED

Shortest Lease Term – 1 month for executive suites/3 years for a regular lease

If West End is your desired location then check out 501 Elm Place. This landlord loves housing startups a�?because they have this remarkable way of growing and taking more space!a�?, says principal Owen Hannay. Through recent renovations this company has held true to this historic buildinga��s integrity and has found the perfect balance of urban and modern. With open floor plans, creative build-outs, a flexible landlord, and tenants such as The Grove, collaboration is easy to achieve here.

*Alto 211 (Downtown)

Personal Guarantee a�� NOT REQUIRED

Long Term Financials – NOT REQUIRED

Shortest Lease Term a�� 1 month

If you havena��t already heard about Alto 211 then listen up: this startup ecosystem, home to some of the biggest names in the community (including Tech Wildcatters, Health Wildcatters, and Fort Work), has a reputation for lease flexibility. The 18 story building offers move-in ready suites and will even include furniture (at an additional expense). If the creative finish-out and free wi-fi dona��t win you over, youa��ll definitely enjoy taking cute mascot Jax, the dog, for a walk through Downtown Dallas!

*Boxer Property (Multiple locations)

Personal Guarantee a�� NOT REQUIRED

Long Term Financials – NOT REQUIRED

Shortest Lease Term – 1 month (daily and weekly options available soon)

After recently renovating their Downtown location, ita��s no surprise this accommodating landlord is quickly filing their space with referrals from happy tenants. Boxer Property buildings include traditional and collaborative floors where you can rent a private office or private suites and still enjoy the open environment and amenities of coworking. Because monthly lease options are also available, ita��s simple to transition from office, to suite, to entire floor as your company expands. Plus, with access to their multiple locations all over the metroplex, you are always within proximity to a conference room or place to work.